A Family Affair

For me a house feels more like home when's there's family pictures in it, family pictures tell the personal story of your family (love that) In our home before the rebuild (read more here) we had had our family pictures grouped on three DIY pictures ledges in our entryway in the living room. This time around, I thought our dining room would be the perfect spot to add a collection of family pictures. Here's a reminder of what our dining room looked like a few weeks ago. I was loving how everything has been slowly coming together the past few months, but the blank wall was screaming for some impact. 

I love gallery walls and decided for our wall to do a grid style gallery wall with all frames the same size and all photos black & white. Hasani and I decided on a combination of engagement, wedding and family pictures. 

I'm loving the view of our family photos from our living room and just like I was hoping the photos have impact

Have you adding in family gallery walls in your home recently? What did you think of our new family gallery wall?