Summer Movie Time

Hi Everyone, yesterday I took the day off from my 9-5 [ it was so nice!] It hit me a few days ago this Summer has really flown by. With moving back in our home and getting organized and planning our next big project, read more about it here. I wanted to take a day and spend it with my two little loves, before my oldest goes back to school next week [ why, oh why does school start so early now?] My plan for the day was enjoy the little moments with my kiddos, make them breakfast and then enjoy a kids movie. Kids movies are big around here, we're in that perfect age [ even with the big age gap] where both kids can watch the same movie and enjoy it. So happy that kids movies these days are geared toward all ages. 

We love seeing movies as a family: in the theater  drive-in or under the stars or at home. Yup, we take Avery to the movies, he loves it. The people and popcorn and a movie on the big screen. We've actually been taking him to see movies since he was a baby [we did the same with Tabari]. I know most people wait until their little ones are three plus, but in my experience kids movies are perfect for the little ones, Avery sits on my lap the entire movie and watches it and has fun. Yes, sometimes he gets a little loud laughing but he's having a fun and after all its a kids movie! lol

Quick Tips Taking little ones to the movies: 

  • Take them to an earliest show on the weekday or weekend 
  • Bring their favorite snacks 
  • Make sure they have plenty to drinks 
  • Sit at the end of the aisle in-case you need to leave the theater for a few mins. 
  • Depending on your child's personalty arrive early so they feel comfortable in the theater or arrive right be for the movie starts if they get antsy waiting a while. 

 Here's a round up of my fun Summer Movies 'perfect for any age' we've seen so far this Summer at the theater. We try and watch most family movies on Tuesdays, we like take advantage of $5 Tuesdays most of the movie theaters around here participate in, we also subscribe to movie theater emails for coupons! Yesterday, I got one large popcorn & large drink and spend on $6.00 thanks to a coupon I got in an email [ hello savings!] I'm not sure about the area you live in, but here popcorn is pricey and so are drinks, then add in the cost of the tickets.....there goes your savings, lol. So if you haven't already check your local movie theater and sign for coupons, its so worth it. 

Summer Movies at the Theater 

I also love watching my favorite childhood movies with my kiddos, its a blast seeing their smiling faces and hearing the laughter.  Our oldest Tabari is already a hardcore 80's & 90's movie lover [ even the cartoons] we joke we've raised him well. Seriously the kid knows the theme song to Ducks Tales and loves watching Heathclif [all signs point to us raising a cool well-rounded kid]  

My Childhood Favorite Movies 
Below are just a few of my favorite childhood movies, that I still enjoy watching. Trust me it was so hard to narrow it done to only 12 movies, lol

  • Goonies: This movie had me wanting to look for maps and buried treasurers. Tabari recently bought a Goonies T-shirt, I'm tempted to buy one too :)
  • The Dark Crystal: Hands down the best Jim Henson movie ever, and so underrated & the some of the creatures downright terrifying

  •  The Wizard: Loved this geeky movie about brothers and Nintendo, this movie introduced a generation of kids to 'The Power Glove.' It's crazy to think how far Ninetendo has come since then, I still have my original NES & we have a new Wii U, love them both! 
  • Pee-Wee's Big Adventure: Back in the Day when Pee-Wee was cool! Remember large Marge? Still creeps me out to this day!

  • Willow: Love this magical land full of Friaries, Brownies and a protective dwarf and a evil witch. 
  • The Sandlot: Such a good baseball movie and movie about friendships and how one Summer can create a lifetime of best friends

  • Mac and Me: About a boy and his alien friend, almost like E.T, but I like this version better
  • The Witches: A boy discoveries witches are real while on Vacation with his Grandma (its good)
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: My ultimate 1980's girl movie! Staring one of my favoirite actresses Sarah Jessica Paker, its full of 80's cheese and dance movies, a must see
  • Back to the Future: I love this movie and the cool car
  • Big Business: Love this movie! Love, twins separated at birth reunite and craziness ensues
  • Home Alone: Every kids dream, the entire house to yourself everything is fun until those pesky thieves show up to spoil Christmas.   
Hopefully you enjoyed my list of childhood favorites and it brings back memories of watching movies over and over. * Some of the movies I mentioned above are on Netflix & Amazon *

Have you watched any kids movies this Summer, if so which ones? What were your favorite movies to watch when you were a kid?