Favorite Toddler Books

I love to read and lucky for me both my both my boys also love to read. Tabari evens spends some of his allowance on buying new books! Not to brag or anything, lol. I used to love reading to Tabari when he was little, lucky for us we have another little one in the house who's also loving to 'read' toddler style. He picture reads his books and the ones he's really in love with hands me to read to him. He loves reading the same ones over and over and I have fun reading then over and over, lol. I love discovering new books to read to Avery and was inspired to share a his favorite books with you all after reading a recent post on Aubrey & Lindsey's Blog. I plan on ordering a few of the books she mentioned for Avery and see how his loves them. For now the books below are his absolute favorite. 

The book 'If You Can We Can' # 3 he will only let me read it to him, if anyone else tries to read it to him he takes the book out of their hands and brings it to me, no joke! It's a mommy great mommy & me book and a must read for any little ones you know. I'm planning on joining Scholastic Book Club for Avery. I've been ordering books though them for Tabari for years, I had a bunch saved for Avery sadly we no longer have them. I've always loved their selection of books and the price is always great for a wide range of ages. I was checking out their lasted flyer the other day for Avery's age group and was amazed how many great board books they have all price good. I always try and buy board books for him, perfect for 'little rough toddler hands'. Oh and I'm not getting paid for this, just sharing for other parents looking for good book deals. 

What is your little ones favorite books to read over and over ? 

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