Have a Look Around

You may have noticed the blog has recently gone under a re-design, and I'm thrilled with it's new look! My new blog re-design feels so me! I love that its fun, modern, clean design with plenty of visual interest with colors I already adore. I'm so thankful my blog re-design now reflects my blog Chic Little House, and how I'm feeling when I look at my new blog design and style I can't help but smile. My much needed blog re-design was designed by the lovely Latoya, blogger of A Peaceful Crib & designer of Latoya Monique Designs. I've always adored Latoya's own blog designs so it was a natural that reached out her to re-design Chic Little House. I love that this blog re-design was a collaborative experience, between her and I. Latoya was patient in answering all my questions and most importantly saw the vision & style I wanted for my blog.
If your considering a new blog design for your own blog or invitations please stop by
Latoya Monique Designs

I invite you have a look around, we've made some changes to Chic Little House. On the side bar you'll notice social icon links to the social media I'm on: Twitter, Pinterest, Instragram and a email link. Also on the side bar is a link to our DIY Projects, Recipes and Our Home. My goal is to make Chic Little House more user friendly, so its easier to find our DIY projects, How To's and much more. Recently I've fallen in love with baking yummy treats for my family on the new recipe page you'll find links to all my recent baking adventures. 

The DIY Projects page has also gone under a makeover, projects we've completed around or house is now broken up into categories making them much easier to find: Painting Projects, Outdoor Projects, Sewing Projects and How To I'm in the process of linking every project listed on the DIY Project Page. 

In the next couple of weeks I'll be adding to additional pages to the tool bar, one will be about our home re-building project and the other will be focused on ideas. For instance I just started a new lighting ideas series on the blog in an effort to help narrow down our lighting ideas for our home. One the new ideas page is 'live' it will easier to reference back to various ideas and mood boards I've created. 

I hope you like the new look of Chic Little House! Thanks again Latoya, it was great working with on my blog re-design.