Organizing My Jewelry

Until recently I've never been much an accessories girl, I just wore my standbys in terms of accessories silver bracelet, occasional necklace and earrings. But now that my closet is empty (I'm slowly building my clothing back up) I've come to love wearing big statement necklaces, various earnings. I love that adding different  jewelry to my clothes gives the appearance I have lots of clothes. Plus just like adding pops of color in a room is pretty, I now love adding pops of color on my clothes same fun affect. I'm for sure a newbie is this area, but I've been growing my collection of statement necklaces rapidly the past several weeks. I recently fell in love with Bubble Necklaces after seeing them allover Pinterest :) I quickly learned a girl can never have enough Bubble Necklaces. 

For the time being I've been using the not so cute method of hanging my necklaces on coat hangers. I want to make a cute jewelry holder for my closet at our house so I can see my earnings, bracelets and necklaces in one cute organized spot. I've been gathering ideas on cute DIY jewelry organizers  I can't wait to make one for my closet after we move back home. Here are two of my favorites I recently seen on various blogs. I found the first idea on the Us Three Birds she used a frame and chicken wire to create a darling organizer. Lovely!

I also love this DIY Pegboard I found the on the blog Mrs. Alana's Miscellany I love the size of it. I think I'm partial to pegboard jewelry organizers, they are so versatile. 

I love the idea of combining a pegboard and a large frame and some paint! 

How do you organize your jewelry? Are you an accessories girl?