The Walls Came Tumbling Down

This is one of those topics, I never thought I'd be writing about. But here it goes. I wanted to share some progress of our house. As I mentioned before after the fire at our home, our home was tested positive for asbestos. An Abatement company was called into to remove the Asbestos, you can read more about the process here. After the removal of our fire damaged & Abestoes damaged belongings were removed they began the removal process of tearing down the drywall and insulation. It wasn't pretty. If you've ever seen a house being torn apart and seeing insulation and debris everywhere then you know how awful it looks. So it even though it sucks sharing these pictures, it's also our journey on getting our house re-built. My husband reminds me, its good to see progress happening at our home, it means we are closer to moving back in. 

This is our living room during the demo process of removing drywall and insulation. The Abatement company covered our flooring with plastic sheeting.

Hasani took this picture while standing in the dining room, the opening is the doorway between the living room and dining / kitchen area. On the left side of the picture you can see into Tabari's room. 

The area your looking at now is my kitchen. Everything was removed, no more cabinets, appliances nothing. The board on the right side of the picture is our kitchen window, boarding up after the fire. 

Here's our home now in its current state. This picture was taking while Hasani was standing in our garage. Its crazy to see no walls in our home. All the black spots you see, is from the fire damage, there's also water and smoke damage. Even with our home gutted the fire smell is still there. During the construction phase of our home being re-built of entire roof will come off and replaced. Our garage will be a complete tear down and be rebuilt from the ground up. 

Our melted water heater. 

View our the outside of the garage. Our property has been secured by a fence and we have great neighbors who watch our house for us! That's a blessing. I know the picture below is not pretty. 

OK, now we a heading back inside, all the debris has been removed. This is the view looking into the kitchen and dining room area. Once the construction phase begins in our home, the all the flooring in the house will be ripped out. In the dining room / kitchen you can see all the ripples in flooring from water damage from the water being pumped into our house. 

Here's our bedroom. Just down to the studs, the brown backing you see behind the wood it our houses siding. All the siding will be replaced. 

Crossing fingers I'll be back soon with more updates on our home!! I will for sure have to blog about something pretty to balance out this post. Thanks for all your support and words of encouragement!