I Didn't Get to Blog About (Nursery)

Before the whole stupid fire at our home and we moved out temporary while our home gets re-built (read more about it here) I was working on several projects around our house, the kitchen and and making tweaks in the Nursery. 

Now that our Avery is a year old, well 14months to be exact { where the heck did the past year go! } I planned on making a few simple updates in his nursery. The first update I wanted to make was to add a more art prints in his room. I was growing tired of the three prints in a row above his crib, and thought creating a small gallery wall above his crib would be cute and add extra personalty to his nursery. I only snapped one picture of the gallery wall, that I working on with my phone. It was looking so sweet, here's a reminder of how this wall in his nursery once looked, thank goodness for my blog! I'm grateful I have lots of pictures I can reference of our home before the fire. 

I was loving how the gallery wall was coming together!! I really wanted all the prints to be colorful and tell a story of whimsy and love. I used a mixture of small and large frames, I love how well the various sizes worked together. I also hung a couple of shelves my girlfriend gave me, yep one was crooked, I was playing around with where to place them. 

I kept the two large frames that were already on the wall and replaced the giraffe and baby cut out, with a sweet wrapping paper sheet I saw at Cost Plus. I also used wrapping paper on the top right hand square frame. It's such cute paper!! Below is a better picture of the paper, I got this paper on a trip to Paper Source a few months back. I love how pretty wrapping paper can be transformed into art once its framed!! Its also a non-budget breaker :) On Avery's Gallery wall I was working on, I also added metal Letter 'A' I bought from the Anthro, I like how it added another layer of texture on the wall. I also included a print, I just bought from an Etsy seller Mira Donson, the print says 'You Are My Sunshine' I love the the whimsical wording and the color of the print. 

When we move back in our home, I plan on creating a new gallery wall for his nursery. I've been doing a crazy amount of thinking on Avery's nursery, and as of right now I think his nursery will be a nursery - toddler room. Not quite a big boy toddler room, but not a nursery with a crib, but it will still feel like a nursery geared toward our growing baby pre-toddler, lol. 

I'll share more of the details on the plan for his nursery - toddler room once I know the direction its going in! 

What do you think of the gallery wall, was I heading the right direction with the placement of the art prints??