Chic Little House - House Fire

Greetings Chic Little House Followers, 

My name is Summer and I am a friend of Katrina's. I have some news to share about Katrina and her family. On Saturday, July 7, 2012 Katrina's home was involved in a fire that has left her home inhabitable. Katrina and I have been friends for quite some time, I know she has mentioned that before, and to hear the pain in her voice when she called to tell me, still saddens my heart. At this time, I am hoping followers of Katrina's blog would offer support and words of encouragement to the family. There are many tough days ahead, as a good portion of Katrina's home must be rebuilt and many items are total losses due to smoke damage. 

Katrina and her husband have worked so hard on making their house a home as you all know...

each step of the way, a little more love went into their home

Katrina and Hasani inspired us all with hard work and diligence to see a task completed

And while its hard to think about what they have lost, my heart rejoices in what remains..

 They are all still together... safe

I am most grateful for that!

If you would be so kind, please extend your thoughts and prayers to my dear friend and her family. Post a little bit of strength, a scripture for comfort or whatever your heart leads you to say. While homes can be rebuilt, replacing family is impossible. 
God truly spared a few angels to give us all more time to know and love them and to demonstrate our own kindness by helping them now that they need us. 

If you have any questions, or would like to help in other ways, please contact me at my blog or Brandi from Don't Distrub This Groove at

I appreciate you all, and pray God's blessing upon your families as well.