Summer's in the House!

On Monday I mentioned my good friend Summer and her family drove up from Southern California all the way to Northern California to spend Avery's First Birthday with us and hang out with us for a few days!! It was so exciting to see my good friend!! Summer and I have been friends for over three years ago, we actually met while planning our weddings back in 2009thanks to :) We just clicked! We talk all the time, though text, email and the phone { when we have free time, which is hard with tweens and babies wanting our attention, lol } We just get each other. 

Over the past three years we've been there for each other's huge life changes, getting married, and having babies. We both had baby boys last year that are just a few months apart!! In fact we planned our baby boys nurseries together, talking paint colors and fabric swatches and everything in between. She's made me fall in love with baking, so now we bake together over the phone :) And trust me before she gave me the courage to bake from scratch, I was all about boxes, lol. Now I know what cake flour is! She's been such a good friend to me though all my ups and downs, helped me get though difficult periods in my pregnancy last year. It feels amazing to have a friend, I've become so close with. There's just one small detail, we never actually met in person! 

So we she told me her family was coming up to visit and we'd get a chance to hang out in person, I did a happy dance! When we finally met, it didn't feel awkward, it was more a YAY! And to finally meet her husband and daughter Jai { who is such a sweetheart, kind and thoughtful and pretty! } was surreal, because I hear about them all the time and see pics etc. Then meeting her darling baby Asa, who I've wanted to meet and hold since the day he was born was amazing! Our baby boys became friends too! 

Jai playing with Asa & Avery. Look our babies matched! lol 

Not only did our babies get along, our husbands did too! And so did our tweens :)

We had so much fun on their visit to Sacramento. Summer and I got a chance to decorate together { Avery's Birthday Party} Go to Target, Grocery Shop, Thrift Shop together, hit up my favorite store Crate & Barrel, have lunch and dinner and hang out!! Oh and I loved that her and I got to shop my Target together, lol! Strolling there the asiles together talking and laughing was a blast! We also visited the State Capital together and waled the park grounds and I was able to show her where Hasani and I took our vows = Priceless. I'm so grateful Summer and I a lot of time to hang out. My family and I our heading to Southern California next month and I'm so looking forward to spending time with Summer and her family again!! You can read Summer's post about her visit here