Sadly I won't be sharing any cupcakes I made recently with you all today, instead I'm sharing my new Martha Stewart's Cupcake book I recently bought from Amazon. I've owned (in person) the book for less than 24hrs and I'm already in love! 

I bought the book because, I really needed cupcake guidance from start to finish: what flour to using, to how to make pretty piping and beyond. Why? Well because I plan on baking cupcakes for Avery's 1st Birthday party plus his own mini smash cake. Whenever I use one of Martha's recipes whatever I'm baking or cooking always comes out pretty, and yes some of her recipes are labor intensive requiring many steps. But I get it, because the in the end all those steps result  in delicious food to share with you r loved ones. So for the next few days, I'll be tagging recipes to 'taste test' I'm sure my family will be happy!

Buy in good cookbooks lately?