This Week

This week at CLH. I recently received the newest issue of BHG and couldn't wait to try this recipe Bacon and Egg Muffins. I've been looking for easy recipes that I can make ahead for the week for my family to enjoy a quick breakfast in the mornings. Tabari's not much a cereal person, and he needs to eat more than toast and jelly. I had all the ingredients in my cabinets and fridge, so I said why not. 

Here's the 'done' picture from BHG, click here for the recipe. I followed the recipe exactly, and I think they tasted OK. I'll think I'll retry the recipe and add in some diced chilies to give them a little kick and maybe more eggs. I will say they held up very nicely over the week an Tabari and Hasani liked them, so that's a plus. 

Avery's is such a little helper. He remained me not to leave out Netflix out within his reach. They grow so fast. 

Since, I'm on the subject of Netflix here's our at home movies for the week: Footloose (2011) and Real Steal.   We deiced to increase our at home movies from one at a time to two at a time, that way we can watch new releases & a random my pick movie.  Oh, and Hasani rolled his eyes at Footloose (my random pick) I loved the classic cheesy 80's Footloose, SJP was totally underused in that movie, lol. So it was a must for my to see the new version, just not in public, lol. 

On Wednesday, Avery and I headed to Micheals with a 40% coupon, I was planning on using to buy a cake pan with. I couldn't find the size I need, so I'll be shopping another Micheal's or Joanns this weekend.

It was a quiet week at CLH. Which means we'll have a crazy busy weekend. We'll have our casing on our doorways done tonight, and be painting trim all weekend! 

How was your week? Have you seen the new Footloose Movie, was it a good? A hot mess? Any  favorite 80's movie you want Hollywood to remake, or would be upset if they did?