On Fridays

I recently decided to add two new blog features on CLH, both will happen on Fridays, both will start today. As you know from time to time, I share little tidbits of whats going around on casa that's unrelated to DIY or Home Decor. Recently I've shared that we Cut The Cable Cord, and that I make Avery Homemade Baby Food. With that in mind, I've decided to share more of our everyday life on Fridays. Some Fridays it will be a quick week recap, so I don't forget the small special (and not so special) moments that happened during our week. One thing I love about blogging is you create this online journal, that helps you remember all those little details. Other Friday's I'll share ways we we save money, like cutting coupons and craft projects I'm working 
on .

The other Friday blog feature on CLH, will be may favorite 'Pin' of the week, like so many of you I'm hooked on Pinterest, I love seeing pretty inspirational images and fun DIY projects. Every Friday afternoon, starting today I'll share my 'Pin of the Week'. I hope you enjoy these two new blog features, I think this will help me blog more about what's going on :) Monday though Thursday will be all about DIY & Decor projects, so there will be more consistent posts for you to read about during the week. From now on I'll be pumping out more posts and keeping the content good, so its a good thing. 

Now for today's post. Early Tuesday morning, like crazy early since the time change just happened, I walked past our entryway into our kitchen, then I heard a large crash! I ran back in the room to see one of our frames shattered all over our floors. There was broken glass everywhere! Only one frame broke, the smaller frame was fine. The large frame was from Ikea so an very cheap to replace. Looks like I'll be heading to Ikea soon, to buy a frame (lol, I'm sure I'll buy more than one frame) This is how our entryway currently looks. Crazy enough this is the first frame we've lost since I built the shelves. 

Avery loves to look at books and loves being read to at night. I think his favorite book is Ten Little Lady Bugs. Have you read it? I love this book, it was also a favorite of Tabari's. Counting books are fun. Oh, our little guy is getting his two top front teeth this week! We are so shocked, because he didn't get tooth # 2 until right before he turned nine months old. Now at 9 1/2 months two teeth in one week. Craziness. 

Don't you love when packages arrive? I'm getting a head start on planning Avery's first birthday party, details to come very soon. I ordered his envelopes from Paper Source, I love their envelopes, and they had the perfect shade of chartreuse. The closest Paper Source to be is in Berkeley which is an way over an hour away and with gas prices starting at $ 4.22 a gallon, I'll gladly pay $6 bucks for shipping.  

I'm loving the newest issue ofr Country Living, thier teaching me how to garden. This year we will have a garden! Next weekend, we will make it happen. I'm still shocked I only paid $5 for a year subscription just a few months ago. 

If you follow me on Twitter, then you know I was super happy to come home to the yummy smell of slow cooker red beans. MY and my slow cooker have become BFFs the last few months, we are tight! lol, I slow cooker at least 3 times a week. It really makes my work week so much easier. As promised here's the link to the recipe I used from All Recipes.com. Click HERE I left out the Ham hock and jalapeno. I also DID NOT sock my beans overnight like the recipe recommends. Why not? Well slow cooker is on steroids, seriously she cookers everything faster then its supposed to. So even though I skipped soaking my beans, they still came out amazing. But I did sort my beans, and did not add any salt until after I got home from work. My mom watches Avery for us daily in our house, and added the sausage a few hours into my beans cooking, which is how I wanted it to be done. Thanks mom! 

My cornbread is was good. I use plain old Jiffy, and just add in graded cheese to keep the cornbread moist while its cooking in the oven. Personally I cannot stand dry crumbly cornbread, its just a pet peeve of mine. I wanna make cornbread from scratch, since I have all the ingredients. Maybe this weekend I will, but on weekdays I prefer the ease of the 'Blue Box.' Again please click here for the Recipe

I hope everyone had a good week.

Every had anything break around your house with no explanation? Is gas getting crazy expensive where you live? Are you a fan of slow cooker meals?