Cutie Pies

Nope, this post isn't about my kiddos which are cutie pies! :) It's about baking. A few weeks back my mom was over my house and we were watching Martha Stewart together, on her show she had a guest named Dani Cone who shared her cute mini desserts. She wrote a book called Cutie Pies { I'm not getting paid for this, I love sharing! :) } Anyways my mom and I thought the her mini pies where darling and a must to try. When I was growing up my mom made almost everything from scratch and its an excellent cook, but she was always busy so we never got a chance to bake together. So I bought this book a few days ago via Amazon for my mom and I to bake together, mom and daughter bonding time! My mom was super happy about my surprise and loves the book and recipes 

What makes these pies so darling is that Dani bakes some of the mini pies in wide mouth mini mason jars. Talk about darling! We plan on making a few of her recipes in the book for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm so excited to start this new tradition with my mom for our family. I just adore the little pie in a jar, and I never knew you could bake in mason jars!

{ via here }

We are hoping to find 4oz jelly jars in stores ( Wal-Mart, Target and CVS) since canning is making a come back they should be easier to find. I also found some on Amazon! :) Around 11 bucks for 12 jars not bad at all. 

We can't wait to make these mini key lime pies, made using mini muffin tins. Don't those look good! 

{ via High 5 Pie }

I'll share how our pies turn out, most likely we'll do a test run before Thanksgiving! :) 

Are you stating any new baking traditions with your family this year?