Avery's Five Month Birthday Photo

My sweet adorable playful energetic baby is five months old! Quick reminder just in case your new to my blog, we're taking monthly pictures of Avery for the next two years in his nursery. Nothing will be planned just him hanging out, its such a fun way to watch your baby grow up. After 24 months of pictures, I will turn the photos into a book.

Avery Five Months

As always its hard to choose just one picture of Avery to share! :) Some highlights of Avery turning five months old, loves to roll over and over and scoot back and forth on his back. He loves sucking on his hands, letting me know teething is right around the corner. He loves to sit in his bumbo to eat his rice cereal and oatmeal. He loves playing with his softie puppy book and chewing on Sophie the Giraffe and does big laughs when being tickled. He also loves to play with his feet and can sit up unassisted for a few seconds. Life is good having a little one around the house to play with and kiss and love on is so much fun!