Two Years of CLH

Sunday marked two years of me blogging about our beloved little house. It's been fun s-l-o-w-l-y transforming our little rancher into a comfortable spot for my family. We've tackled a bunch of projects and shared the highs and lows of DIY projects. The afters are what keep us plugging along project after project. Over the past TWO years we’ve gained a lot of DIY knowledge, we can know caulk like and expect, know why its so important to prime! Hasani’s become really good at installing light fixtures and dimmers! He’s installed eight light fixtures around our house and trust me he's no where near done yet.

I’ve been sewing up a storm on my hand dandy very simple Singer sewing machine (lots of pillows, drapes, ottoman, and blankets). With that in mind, I thought it would be fun to look back at some projects we completed the past two years, but not just any projects my favorite ones. Here are my top ten favorite projects completed so far { in no particular order }

1. Painting the Front Door Red. I really love how the Posh Red Door color looks against our grey house greets us and our guests. I'm not saying Posh Red just for fun, the paint is really called Posh Red!

2. Reupholstering the Vintage Ottoman. When I came across this less than perfect ottoman, I knew with some new fabric it would look amazing in Avery's nursery. It was a huge challenge of patience and practice to reupholster this ottoman, but so worth. I use this ottoman on a daily basis and the nursery wouldn't be complete without it.

3. Refinishing Our Hardwood Floors. It took us living in our home almost 2.5 years before we got around to refinishing our hardwood floors, and it was worth the wait. My dad and Hasani did an awesome job on transforming our original 1956 Hardwood floors in a dark brown stain that looks great!

4. Sewing Drapes for the Dining Room. Finding this pretty fabric for only a 5.99 a yard was an amazing deal and it truly transformed our overly white dining room into a more lively spot to dine in.

5. Building Ledges for our Entryway. I'm often inspired by Pottery Barn, most of the time not but their prices, after seeing a fellow blogger build some simple ledges inspired by Ikea, I knew I had to build ledges to make our entryway feel more inviting. Since building these ledges, I've also built two for the nursery.

6. Chevron Baby Blanket. I loved this pattern when I came across it and decided to sew a baby blanket with chevron one side and white minky on the other. Now that weather has been cooling off, I've been using it all the time. It's so cute to see Avery snuggles up in a blanket I made for him.

7. Refinishing Tabari's Desk. I bought this desk for $15 a thirft store, it was so much work getting to its after! I even cried becasue I was sanding so much, lol. It was all worth it when I walk by Tabari's room and see him completing his homework on the desk, I redid for him.

8. Painting our Craigslist Dresser. Over the years Craigslist has been good to me. I bought this solid wood dresser with dovetail drawers for only $45! All it needed was new paint and pretty hardware.

9. Installing a Drum Shade Chandelier in our bedroom. I was so called when we got rid the old boob lighting on our bedroom and replaced it with a pretty chandelier I bought from

10. Making Nursery Artwork. I had so much fun creating this 'artwork' for Avery's room, the colors make me, He's already noticed them while lying in his crib!

It’s fun to take a look back, but even more to think about our future projects we need to complete. We have so many projects on our to do list, that we’ve decided to keep a monthly goal of crossing items off asap. We plan to take on a lot of projects after the kiddos head of to bed. I'll share our project list to do very soon.

My love of blogging has only increased the past two years, along with the loving it now more than ever. We want to improve it, just as I mentioned updating the DIY Project page as well as added a Craft & Sew Page (coming soon) We also want to start hosting monthly Giveaways to you our readers which we love so much! We also plan on doing some video projects, house tours of our tiny house and maybe some craft projects (we had fun taping the House Proud Segment for Nate Berkus Show)

I also want to get better at take pictures for the blog and of course of my family! I’ll be investing in a new DSLR camera soon! I was gifted Abode Photo Editing software recently (thanks mom) so I’ll be learning that too. Big Thanks to everyone for the sweet comments, encouragement and emails about our little house. Another goal I have for the blog is to blog more often goal is 4-5 days a week which is so doable. The plan is show you more of our projects we’ve thinking about and in process of even if there won’t be a pretty after for awhile, and continue keeping our content good ( at least to me its pretty good!). I will also be more invovoled in other Social Media, mostly Twitter. Oh hoe I love to tweet!! I hate to say it I'm  to into Facebook, but I love Twitter, so if your on Twitter follow me :)

What's your favorite project of ours that we've done around our house?

What's your favorite DIY project you've completed in your home?