Homemade Kids Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner, and its time to start planning Halloween costumes for the kiddos { well maybe just one kiddo this year } I suggested to my tween Tabari to try something different this year for Halloween costumes, lets make it! I've always was wanted to make a Halloween costume, but time always ran out and we ended up at the local big box store. In the past he's been Simba from the Lion King , Sully from Monsters Inc, a Boxer the list goes on and on. He was on board for to make his own costume. He likes doing making things { he has DIY in his DNA! } so this is a perfect project for us to work on together. We checked out Martha Stewart for costume ideas, we both liked Super Hero & Space Invader. I think the Space Invader would be lots of fun, love the cup hat! lol

Then we looked on familyfun.com and came across more cute ideas. The costumes the stood out most is his mind: Lego Block and a Super Large Grocery Bag { of grossness } How cool would it be to make a Lego Block costume and the how to looks pretty simple! The grocery bag would also be cool.

{ via familyfun.go.com }

Now we just need to decide what to make him and gather our homemade supplies!! I'll share his Halloween costume soon and how we made it. For Avery still not sure what he'll be for Halloween and I was thinking Gypsy or Fortune Teller for me and Hasani undecided. A few years back Hasani & I dressed up as Diana Ross and DMC from Run DMC you can see the picture here.

Are you making a Halloween Costume this year? What was your favorite Halloween Costume of all time? Any plans yet for Halloween?