Easy DIY Fabric Napkins

Now not our dining room got a recent update with the new floral drapes a I sewed, I wanted to bring in a bit more color in with napkins and just in time for the upcoming Holiday Season. Instead of going to the store and spending some moolah, and I decided to look though my fabric stash. I'm always buying a yard or more of fabric here and there for pillows or just in case projects. I was happy when I came across a pretty yard for fabric I originally intended into sewing into pillows, but the yellow citron shade wasn't a good fit with our living room. However I loved how the shade complimented our dining room curtains. I decided to sew 16 in square napkins, the perfect desert size. 

The fabric I used has a cool geometric print, and I like how a portion of the design would be in each napkin. I told my inner Martha to shush and not worry about cutting each napkin to 'match.' I iron and pinned each side of the napkins using a 1/2 inch seam allowance. The longest part in diying your own napkins is ironing and pinning. I trimmed the excess fabric on each corner to create a cleaner look. I estimate each napkin took about five minutes to sew. I spent around 20 mins or so on these napkins, most of the time I spent was on ironing and pining. I spent much less time it would have taken to buckle Avery in is car seat, find a parking space, drive to the store, get out the stroller and troll the isles. Yeah when you add all that at, it was easier to sew these napkins while the little guy took his nap. 

I have some darling napkin ring holders { a wedding gift } I used to see how the napkins look. In my opinion very cute. I also like how there's a hint of a pattern, that's not fully seen until after they are open. I'll mostly use our new napkins for desert time or when my girlfriends are our over. I still have some left over fabric, so most likely I'll sew two more. 

The napkins are a super simple diy sewing project, for those of you curious about learning to sew, this would be a good 'testing the waters sewing project.' This project could also be done very easy using no sew hem tape. I also like the idea of giving a set of napkins along with pretty napkin rings to a friend for a house warming gift. One of my girlfriends just recently moved into a new apartment, so she just might receive a set as a present!

What do you think of my super simple diy napkins? Have you done any simple sewing projects lately? Are you thinking about learning to sew?

* ps: I've been working on our Craft & Sew Page, Hopefully it will be 'live' soon!