CLH Blog Updates

I'm in the process of updating the CLH's blog pages { About, House Tour & DIY Projects } I want to make CLH more 'user friendly' so easy its to find DIY Projects and our Home Tour is up to date. I'm really looking forward to spending some major Q.T. (quality time) with the DIY Projects page, I never really dug the layout.

I already starting updating our House Tour, with new pictures check it out here! On our home page, I've added a few new buttons: You can now Subscribe via email to CLH, You can follow me on Twitter & friend me on Facebook. Under 'Blog Archinve' I added new feature that lists the top Three Popular CLH Posts each week. I'm also adding a blog page, all about Baby Stuff. I get a ton of emails from lovely readers asking about what baby stuff I love, so I thought I would add a page!

I am also thinking about adding a Craft & Sewing Page, so these projects can easliy be found instead of looking at DIY Projects which to me is more about home projects (decor, painting, re-finishing furniture etc)

In addition we also want to update our CLH picture, with a new one. We took these pictures just the other day in front of our house, thank goodness for tripods & timers.  I'm sure our neighbors were wondering what we were up to :)  We can't decide between these three pictures, so please help us out!!



The new picture will replace the picutre below

Mojo is also getting his picture on the blog, but his was super easy to choose!

Perfect Picture { Check }

Which picture do you like BEST for our CLH picture? A,B or C??