Avery's Monthly Birthday Photo

I love how parents are now capturing their babies growth and changes with either weekly photos or monthly photos. I got a lot of inspiration from Young House Love and Making It Lovely, both captured their babies development though a series of pictures. I think this is an amazing way to document your little one. Its something I would have loved to done with our older son, wish there where blogs bakc then :)

We decided to take a monthly photo of Avery each month on his monthly birthday for the next two years. I thought the best spot in our home for his picture would be in his nursery, like virtually seeing him grown up in his room. There won't be a planned picture location in his room, just him hanging out. This could mean a monthly birthday picture in his crib, playing on the floor, looking out his window, after bath time, sitting in his bumbo etc. We really like the idea of capturing him in his special space we created for him. Yesterday our little guy { as we loving call him } turned tow months old, which is SO hard to believe.

Two Months Old

Avery your starting to smile, and making sounds and love looking around. Your starting to like tummy time and fall asleep easy in your big brothers arms - Love Mom

Backing up to last month, here's our little guy when he turned one month old.

One Month Old

Avery, your such a curious little baby, I could stare into your eyes the entire day - Love Mom

When Avery turns two year old, I will turn the pictures into a book. I love photo books and hope to include a sentence or two about his development and personalty for each picture. I guess its little love notes to my baby :)