Basket Found?

As I mentioned on Friday, one of my weekend plans was basket shopping. I know Iead and exciting life lol - but I really needed to find the perfect storage solution for { baby clutter coming in June 2011} I'm pretty sure I found a a basket that will work. Its nice and deep, had a great weave and has handles! The only minus is its not round, but I still like it. I filled it with my sons stuffed animals { yes, I'm that mom who saves stuffed animals that remind me when he was little } 

So I took these pics early this morning with no natural light (boo!) so be kind they suck - but hopefully you get the idea. The best part of the basket is it was only $ 16.99! I total steal for the size and price! Right now the basket is residing on our living room and looks pretty cute. 

Am I the only one looking forward to Spring? I can't wait to have decent pictures to put on the blog! lol