Random Goodness

My mind had been all over the place lately, I'm blaming it on my nasty cold I had last week ( still have a runny nose ) Anyways I thought I;d share some random goodness. I came across the blog Good Bones Great Peaces a few months back, and I'm obsessed with this blog!! The blog features and amazing mom and daughter design duo. They always have so many design tips and ideas to share. I always look forward to seeing what they are up to. Here's a before of a little table they recently re-did

I so need a little side drop table for our third bedroom! I love the finished piece. Anyways if your unfamiliar with their blog, check it out stat! 

Of course the holidays have also been on my mind a lot ( mainly Christmas ) were going to upgrade our wimpy apartment Christmas tree with a pretty tall one, which has me thinking or ornaments. I wanna splurge a  little this year, I really love the these mercury glass pear ornaments from West Elm. They are just so pretty. I also saw tons of pretty ornaments at Kamrt, so i'll b e stopping there too! 

Food has been on my mind too! I watched Jamie Olivers Food Revolution TV show a couple of times are was impressed by his commitment to teach Americas simple healthy recipes. After reading a ton of reviews about his new book on Amazon.com { same name as the TV show } I'm going to buy his book. I really want to learn how to roast a chicken in a simple healthy way.

I've also been patiently waiting for Hulu to come to our Roku player. Hulu is  free online site where you can watch a ton of your favorite TV shows and old school movies. We currently watch Netflix and check out upcoming movies on Flixster via Roku. I so can't wait to watch TV shows via Hulu Plus instantly though our TV for $ 10 a month. Can we say good bye, Dish Network!! That will save us $ 30 bucks a month, we don't watch that much TV so I doubt we'll miss it. 

On my mind a lot is finding the perfect dresser for our third bedroom, because I want to buy some pretty knobs and pulls for it! I just love love Marmama knob { top }and the Urchin Test Knob { bottom } both from Anthropologie 

I hope I didn't bore you all with my random thoughts! Hopefully I'll have some pictures to share with you all Wednesday about what I've been up to!