The Dish: Simple Chili & Fried Corn Cakes

One of my favorite fall recipes to make is Chili its just so yummy and warm. Normally I skip making cornbread as a side because my cornbread is always dry and crumbly, I like moist cornbread that tastes almost like cake. I was super happy a few weeks ago when one of my girlfriends { thanks Summer! } shared with me her recipe for fried corn cakes. I couldn't wait to make it, it reminds me of the fried cornbread my grandma used to make when I was little.

Shopping List


1 pound of lean ground beef { can be substituted for ground turkey }
1 16oz can of Chili Beans (beans only}
2 tablespoons of fresh minced garlic
2 tablespoons of chili powder
1/2 tablespoon of Cayenne
1 6oz of tomato paste
1 16oz of tomato sauce
Optional: Cheese & Sour Cream for topping

Fried Corn Cakes

1 box of Jiffy cornbread mix
1 egg
1/3 cup of milk
1 can of diced chilies { optional } I like a little spice
1/2 cup of cheese Jack or Mild Cheddar
2 green onions { use only the green }
2 teaspoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Peanut Oil
{ There's also a sweeter version of this recipe that involves honey, which I'll share soon! }

To make the chili. Brown ground beef in a large pot drain, then mix in the garlic, chili powder, cook for another five minutes then add in chili beans, tomato paste and tomato sauce and remaining spices. Cook on low for 10 - 15 minutes of until tomato 'paste taste' wears off. That's the super simple chili I love making on cool fall evenings, its super fast to make and tastes good.

Fried Corn Cakes

I prefer using Jiffy Cornbread mix for fried cornbread, can't beat the 40 cents per box price!!! Wear can you make a side dish or even serve these as a main dish { with salad } for around $1.50? Including the easy ingredients you mix into the batter.

Follow the directions on the box, then gently stir in the green chilies and green onions.

Next fold in the cheese, be careful not to mix in the cheese it will just end up at the bottom of the bowl. Heat your skillet and put your 2 teaspoons of oil in the pan. Pour your batter in the pan, just like you would pancakes.

Fry each side for a few minetes, when its golden brown and easy to lift flip and cook the other side. I used a knife make sure the batter was fully cooked on the inside. Remove from heat and serve.

Here's our simple chili we enjoyed with fried corn cakes, which let me tell you are SO good. I think fired corn cakes are my newsiest addiction. Super moist on the inside with just a little kick from the chilies and green onions.

Just writing this post is making me hungry again for chili and fried corn cakes. Yum. Thanks again Summer for sharing your recipe with my family, we love trying new recipes. Is there a fresh fast affordable recipe of yours, my family should try out soon? Feel feel to email the recipe at I looking forward to trying the recipe and sharing it with everyone.

What's your favourite fall recipe to make?