Nate Berkus: Bedroom Rules

A few days ago my husband and I took our son to the library to check out some books. Our plan is for our son to write a few book reports over the summer (I know were mean parents). While our son was in the kids section of the library, I somehow maneged to find myself looking at Interior Design books. One book, I came across and have been wanting to buy for quite some time is Home Rules, by Nate Berkus. I flipped though the book and decided to check it out before I buy it, its all mine until June 1, 2010.

I flipped to the bedroom section, since we are currently working on our bedroom. Remember two weeks ago  I shared with you a ghastly { in my best English Accent } before photo. I know our bedroom looked awful, I'm just keeping it real.

I like this bedroom Nate designed, it feels serene and fresh. I like the crisp white bedding and the neutral headboard and how not one thing overpowers another. Everything is just layered in so nice.

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Here are 5 of Nate Burkas Bedroom Rules, I'm applying in our bedroom

1. Make the bedroom luxurious and inviting. 

CLH: I bought all new sheets, duvet, shams, coverlet and am making velvet shams for our Euro pillows. I    think the bedding always helps add that luxe feel.

2. Serenity is the key, keep the wall color soothing and the trip crisp

CLH: We beefed up our baseboards, like we did in our kitchen and painted them a crisp white. For the wall color we choose a grey, that looks amazing in sunlight and at night.

3. Have all lights on dimmers and shades and drapes that are easy to open and lower.

CHL: Our chandelier arrived yesterday and Mr. CLH will be putting that light on a dimmer. I'm swapping out our high voltage bedside lights for a lower watts. To help create more ambiance at night. Our curtains will be stationary and were keeping our wood blinds.

4. Create a reading Nook, keep a stack of books on hand

CLH: This will be the most changeling - but I think I can pull it off. I've always wanted a reading space in our bedroom, so I'll be looking for a chair I can reupholster form a thrift store or on Craiglist.

5. A mix of bedroom furniture.

CLH: We have matching night stands and a mix of dark wood furniture and painted furniture. It's a good mix of my style and my husbands.

Next week, I should have lots of photos of our bedroom as we get closer to our after. Its going to be a busy weekend, but that makes it so much more fun!

Do you own a copy of Home Rules? Have you applied Nate's suggestions to your spaces, if so which ones?

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