Happy Anniversary Little House

A year ago we closed on our first house December 30, 2008 to be exact! It took us 6 months and a few failed offers before we finally got a yes from a seller {The Bank}. Over the last year we've slowly been transforming our house into a home. I know its sounds a bit cliché, but it takes time to make your home reflect your personality.

Our Home January 2009

Our Home Now

Thanks little home, we love you. The past year was spent: pulling weeds, painting our house, laying sod, creating a new flower bed, paying funky bills sewer & garage (new for us), laughing, crying over a never ending to do list, Starbucks on the front porch, our Wedding Reception in our backyard (pics to come), our son playing in his tree house, too many trips to Lowes and Home Depot, getting a family pet Mojo the Chihuahau, Redoing our Entryway, starting the dining room re-do AND so much more. Wow was that the longest run-on sentence ever?!? Little house I enjoyed every minute of it, and it feels good to slowly turn you into a Chic Little House - that I know you are!

2009 you were a wonderfull year! I miss you already....but it's only going to get better.