Don't Mess with Mojo

My dog is a bada$$, yeah he's only 7 pounds but trust me he rocks his black hoodie scull & cross bones like he's a  big dog. Yes I'm one of 'those people' who put clothes on their dogs, BUT he gets cold  { he only wears sweaters and hoodies in the winter }. Like most Chihuahua's when he gets excited or nervous he shakes, he also follows me whenever I go (not sure if this is a small dog thing) so its superhard to get 'money shots' of him.
Meet Mojo or as I somtimes call him MoMo 

What makes Mojo a bada$$?
  •  He's a mini watch dog
  •  He only eats organic, sometimes I do catch him with a bone!
  •  He might be small suffers from small dog syndrome  but he'll still bark at big dogs
  •  His best friend is a Boston Terrier, but he calls the shots when they play
  •  He can rock his clothes and still look cute tough
  •  He watches supervises us doing yardwork