Holidays with Starbucks

I love Holidays with Starbucks, and all their yummy Holiday inspired drinks. Last year my favorite Starbucks drink during Christmas-time was the Eggnog Latte rich and creamy. Now I find that drink way to sweet, I think it’s because Mr. CHL and I have limited our Starbucks to one time per week. There was a time like many Americans I (we) had a serious addiction to Starbucks we'd be there 4x times a week sometimes even twice in one day!

Now my favorite drink this year for the Holiday season is Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte (skinny). The rest of the year I drink my all time favorite Tall Skinny Cinnamon dolce Latte. Yes I'm one of those people who have a long drink name. Mr. CHL likes to change up his drink a lot during the Holidays. Right now he loves the Peppermint Tuxedo - a few weeks back he was all about the Gingerbread Latte.

What's your favorite drink from Starbucks during the Holidays and your Go To drink the rest of the year?

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