Chic White Wreath

Every since I made a spooky black feather wreath for Halloween, I was looking forward to making a Chic little white wreath for Christmas to hang over our mirror in the living room. While on a recent trip to the Dollar Tree Store I bought a white styrofoam wreath to start my project. At Michael’s Craft store I picked up three feather boas for $1.99 each - each boa is 6 feet in length.

I begin my project by using my glue gun and attaching the end of the boa around the wreath and then wrapping. It's amazing how quick the wreath starts to take shape and look so pretty and chic!

I keep my wreath simple and just use left over white ribbon from my wedding to hang the wreath. I decided to hang our wreath over our SUPER large mirror. I love how the wreath is so fluffy white and delicate.

Total Wreath Cost: $ 6.97

$ 1.00 for the Styrofoam Wreath
$ 5.97 for three White Feather Boas
Free White Ribbon, had on hand