Painting Project Helper

It occurred to me to me today while I was thinking about my upcoming DIY projects for our dining room. I need a helper; Mr. CHL isn't big on painting. I decided to buy some Saw Horses. In the past I've had various painting projects that got along just fine without them. I've come to realize saw horses are good for a variety of things: painting (less drips), drying, cutting wood etc. I few weeks back we did a teeny tiny bathroom redo, I could have really used saw horses then. I hate letting items dry out doors. Now our projects can dry in the garage away few pesky dust & dirt.

When I'm in need of any 'new item' I first head to CL (craigslist) no luck today, oh well. So begins my internet search.

The saw horse below is a Storaway Saw Horse for $17.99 each, not bad, but it looks kind of flimsy (available at Lowes)

The pair below are $29.94! What a deal, the pair together can hold up to 1000 pounds, again there availble at Lowes. We have a gift card from Lowes, I think I'll pick up this pair tonight.

Upcoming painting projects: Paint Buffet, Restain Dining Room Table, Paint Mirror, Paint baseboards, Paint Dining Room & Kitchen, Paint Kitchen Cabinents.

{ Teeny Tiny Bathroom ReDo, will be posted soon }