Small Home Style: Five Stylish Design Ideas for a Galley Kitchen

Happy Monday! I know Monday's can be rough, its back to the grind. But honestly its one of my favorite days of the week. Why? Because on Monday on the blog I celebrate living small. As a small homeowner living in under 1200 square feet with a family of four and a lab puppy, I know first hand the challenges of living small. I started the design series Small Home Style in 2016, to share small home design ideas and tips to help small home dwellers stylish maximize their spaces.

I seriously love a small well-thought-out kitchen. But, let's be honest not every small kitchen space feels like space is being properly utilized to its full potential. While small kitchens can be a challenge. With challenges comes opportunities to get creative design-wise. I've put together design ideas and storage solutions to help maximize a Galley kitchen.  Today, I'm sharing Five Stylish Design Ideas for Galley Kitchens.

Galley Kitchens while practical in a small home or apartment, they can be very tricky to make it work.' Typically Galley kitchens are set up with workspaces on either side with not much 'open' room between cabinets. In addition, many small Galley kitchens are closed off from the rest of the home or have both entrance/exit to another room in the home. I'm sharing Five Stylish Design Ideas for Galley Kitchens. I've put together design ideas and storage solutions to help maximize a Galley kitchen.  

Five Stylish Design Ideas for Galley Kitchens 

ONE Add Built-ins. If your Galley kitchen has a doorway, consider adding built-ins around the doorway to provide stylish provide extra storage. In the kitchens below, adding the built-in cabinet gives the small kitchen a stylish exit and lots of additional storage for bowls, cutting boards, and books.  

image via  Homedit

image via Homedit

image via  Planete

image via Planete

TWO Open Shelves. When wall space is at a premium in a small Galley kitchen, go vertical with open shelves. Open shelving is great in a small kitchen! Open shelves allow all you stylish store all the items you use most often out in the open. In addition, the shelves can be narrow for holding smaller items or deeper to hold plates. Open shelves make kitchen items feel more decorative. In my kitchen, I have open shelves between a cabinet and my fridge. On my shelves I have plants, bowls, cookbooks and much more, see more of my kitchen here.

image via  Apartment Therapy  

image via Apartment Therapy 

image via Carely Summers (Instagram)

image via Carely Summers (Instagram)

THREE Hang it Up. Create addition storage underneath open shelves, by adding a hanging bar to hold pots, pans, and miscellaneous kitchen items. Having kitchen essentials out in the open will make you more likely to use them, plus it's like having art on your walls.

image via  House Beautiful

FOUR No Wasted Space. A lot of interior Galley kitchens lack windows, leaving a black space about the kitchen sink. Consider adding a shelf with brackets to go above your kitchen sink to hold artwork, plants, and flowers. Also, add lighting above your sink with either a pendant above of wall sconces.

image via House Beautful 

image via House Beautful 

FIVE Bring in Pattern. Patterned floors are everything and a complete show stopped in small spaces (see above and below!) How pretty are those tiles! I love that you can totally splurge on pretty tile for a small space and it won't be a budget breaker. Is patterned tile too much of a commitment? No worries, bring in a pretty patterned rug. Geometric or a Vintage-inspired Persian rug make a fabulous statement in a small kitchen.

image via  Emily Henderson

image via Emily Henderson

image via  Apartment Therapy

I hope you've enjoyed my five ideas to help maximize the space in a small Galley kitchen. Tell me, what type of kitchen do you have? What ways have you maximized your kitchen to make it more storage savvy and sttlish?