Small Home Style: Eat-in Kitchens

Welcome to another edition of the Small Home Style series, sharing inspiration and ideas for Small Home Dwellers to effortlessly maximize their spaces. One of my favorite spaces in my home is my kitchen and dining room. In my small 1950's rancher we don't have a dedicated dining area away from the kitchen. My kitchen and dining room are in the same room, one side is the kitchen and one side is the dining room. You can see my dining room tour here and how I've maximized my small space allowing us to seat comfortable seat eight! Quick fact about my dining room nook, its only 9 feet wide! 

Today on Small Home Style, I'm sharing ideas on turning a small eat-in kitchen into a well thought out space that you can cook and entertain in. I’ve always felt that kitchens are the heart of the home and feel most alive when you're cooking for loved ones and entertaining family and friends. They’re typically two types of eat-in kitchens, let’s tackle one at a time.

ONE Eat-in Kitchen Style Dining Table in Kitchen. The great thing about having your dining table right in your kitchen is the extra work space it gives when cooking and baking. It can almost feel like you have a kitchen island in your space. The design challenge, it can easily feel like your kitchen is too small to entertain. The solution, choose a dining room table that will maximize your kitchen layout.

Farmhouse Kitchen Table. For long narrow kitchens choose a long a farmhouse style table. Select dining room chairs that visually won’t take up a lot of space and can easily ‘push-in close the table’ skip big bulky chairs that take up too much space. A great alternative to using chairs is bringing long benches, I love how they can easily be tucked into a table. 

image via  Greige Designs  

image via Greige Designs 

image via  Dream Book Design

Fold-Out Dining Table. When your dining room is too small to comfortably fit a full size table, consider using a fold-out table that will double in size when needed and and easy fold back down to a small size.

image via  Homedit

image via Homedit

image via  79Ideas  

image via 79Ideas 

Round Table. A round table can be tricky in small spaces and sometimes take-up more room, however if your space is wide enough a round table can be a great fit and look so charming. Select a table with a pedestal base or tulip table.

image via  Casa Haus  

image via Casa Haus 

image via  Kelly Elko  

image via Kelly Elko 

TWO Eat-in Kitchen Style the Dining Nook. The second most popular eat-in style dining in a small kitchen is the dining nook. A dining nook can be a huge challenge to 'make-it work' since they're on the small side.

Banquette Dining. However, adding a banquette to a small dining nook helps transform a small awkward space into a well-designed one. Banquette seating can be built-in going from wall to wall, or built into a corner or freestanding. Either way, they're space saving allowing you to sat more people around the table.

Bring in extra storage in a small dining nook, by adding a pair on small dressers / side tables on either side of the banquette. The dressers / side tables can hold extra dishes, silverware and kitchen linens. The easliy give a custom built-in look to a small dining nook. 

Benches can easily be transformed into banquette seating with cushions, the open space below a bench can hold baskets, giving you extra storage. 

image via  Brico Bistro

image via Brico Bistro

The L-Shape built-in banquette below, looks extra comfy thanks to all the pillows and pretty farmhouse table. I love built-in banquettes have extra storage: either with drawers or hidden under the seat. 

image via  Style at Home

image via Style at Home

image via  KSara Designs

image via KSara Designs

If your also a small home dweller, what type of dining room does your home have? What ways have you maximized your space and given it style? Remember to share your small spaces on Instagram with the #SmallHomeStyle Need more ideas to take your small dining room from so-so to wow, check out this post

In addition, if there's a small space in your home your having trouble whipping into shape, feel free to send me and email and I can help you tackle your space send emails to for design dilemmas.