My Home for the Holidays

Happy Holiday friends, today I'm sharing my home decorated for Christmas. This year, I didn't go all out, we kept it simple and just finished decorating my home on Sunday. Instead of decorating the main areas in my house (living room, dining room, and kitchen) I just stuck to the living room, added a wreath in my dining room and helped Avery decorated his tabletop tree for his bedroom. 


Decorating the Tree 

I love all gold everything these days; we decorated the Christmas tree with gold and white ornaments. My favorite gold ornaments (currently on sale!) are from Target, yes their plastic but they look just as pretty as glass but without the stress.   


Garlands and Wreaths 

Above our window, I added fresh garlands from Trader Joe’s. I love their garland, it's super affordable, only $6.99 for six feet. To the garland a nice full look, I hung two garlands together and draped them over our curtain rod. 

On my dresser, I mixed faux pine needle garland with ornament garland. I’m obsessed with the pine needle garland, it looks so incredibly real, I hung one above my doorway leading into my dining room and kitchen and it looks so so good! You can see it here. 



We moved out our bookcases to make room for the tree and to make room for our big Living room project we’re tackling in January. While I loved the bookcases it's time for a change, email me if you're interested in the bookcases. With the bookcases gone, I wanted to create a pretty backdrop in the living room and I remembered this beautiful Christmas  (below) look of paper snowflakes going up the staircase and loved it! 

Evem though mine aren't going up a staircase, they still feel magical! I hung twelve snowfalkes on the wall, with a little help from fishing line and clear tape, makes them feeling like they're floating. I used these pretty white paper snowflakes on my living room wall, they come in a pack of six in sizes ranging from 15' to 22' inches, I'm obsessed with how lovely they look! I love that they a can be easy reused. Hanging Tip* I cut off the extra cardboard portion of the top of the where the paper snowflakes meet to open and used a hole punch to create new holes to feed the fishing line through. The entire wall two me 20-25 mins to complete. 


It feels so good to be finished with Holiday decorating, have you finished your Holiday decor. Are you going all out this year, or keeping things more low-key?