Modern Fall Inspired Thanksgiving Table

Can you believe Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away! I love getting a headstart planning my Thanksgiving decor, which gives me more time to plan out our menu. Ever since we moved back into our home after rebuilding, we’ve hosted Thanksgiving at our house. Since most of our family is spread out, it's nice to skip the Holiday traffic and create memories in our home. We usually have my sister, nephew and a few friends over. I love that the holidays give me a chance to spend time with family and bonus I get to set a pretty Thanksgiving table. 

We keep our Thanksgiving dinner pretty informal; serving dinner family. Even though we keep things chill, I love sitting around a pretty table with my family and creating memories. This year I was inspired by to set an autumn-inspired table after coming across beautiful filler flowers from Trader Joe’s. Typically the flowers I use on my table help inspire how I decorate it. This year I went big with a big floral centerpiece. For my Thanksgiving flower arrangement, I used all filler flowers instead of spending a lot of money on a large bouquet. My favorite place for buying filler flowers inexpense is from the Trader Joe's of the Farmers Market. Trader Joe’s sells bunches of filler flowers between $ 2.49 - $ 3.49,


To create my arrangement, I placed the branches in first criss-cross style to build a base and then grouped like flowers in groups of 2-3 cut in varying heights in the vase. Forage branches from your shrubs and trees to help create a base of your flowers. Green leafy branches look incredible in a flower arrangement. 

Flower Arranging Tips

Arranging the same flowers in bunches of 2-3 stems helps to add impact. Cutting the flowers in several heights helps create more dimension. This arrangement is proof you don't need to spend a lot of money to create a pretty bouquet of flowers. I’m in love with the arrangement! My favorite vase to use for creating arrangements are cylinder vases, read more about why I love them here.


I love dressing my table up with lots of candlelight, to keep my table feeling modern and light, I use clear glass candleholders. To create a table runner, I used a mixture of eucalyptus branches that smell incredible and small white pumpkins. I bought the pumpkins from the farmers market and always make sure I get ones with long stems. The mixture of the glass candleholders, greenery, and pumpkins, feels so fall.  


I dressed up our Everyday Coupe white dishes up with light grey salad dishes I and a eucalyptus stem. I’m not one to buy new plates for every occasion + small house = not a lot of extra storage. However, I loved these Stone Element salad plates from World Market, they have a pretty natural shape, and our super glossy + they were on sale, 20% Off! #TreatYourSelf Whenever I buy plates and glasses, I always buy a set of 6-8 that way I have plenty when entertaining. Last year I bought two sets of  modern gold flatware, the flatware is everything, and it adds such a pretty element to our table. We don’t sue our gold hardware every day, but we do use it often! I’m happy to report it still looks brand new, we do hand wash the flatware.  


Get the Look

I'm in love with how my fall inspired Thanksgiving table came together, the flowers add so much color into the room. It's crazy how bare my dining room wall looks now that I've moved the family gallery pictures wall into the hallway. 

Check out my previous Thanksgiving tables here. Do you host Thanksgiving dinner at your home, is it a formal affair or casual? Wednesday on the blog, I'm sharing another edition of Small Home Style focusing on Entertaining tips for a small space.