The 17 Best Camera Bags for Women: Everyday & Traveling + Why You Need One

When I started planning my girls trip to Chicago with Lauren, I started seriously thinking of getting a camera bag to the make the moments when I want to whip out my DSLR easier. While I love my iPhone and feels it takes amazing pics, yay for the portrait mode feature I’m still old school at heart and love my DSLR, it works well in low light situations + I can change out the lens and zoom-in when needed. 

A lot of my friends on Instagram spotted the bag I was sporting and after receiving a lot of DM questions on Instagram & emails about my bag and even getting questions while out with my camera bag purse, I thought I would share some details about why I choose to get a camera bag after blogging for years. I'm also sharing a roundup of my favorite camera bag purses that are perfect for everyday and makes life easier when traveling. Before sharing my camera bag purse I bought for my DSLR, I want to use it for a while both on my trip and in everyday life to make sure it was a necessity instead of a want. I hope that makes sense. 


When I took my two week vacation a couple of years ago to visit my bestie in England, I can remember how difficult carrying my camera in my purse was, it felt heavy in my purse and awkward. I bought a camera sleeve to keep my camera in. But it was bulky and still nerve-wracking to pull the camera out of my bag and then readjust the entire contents of my inside each time I wanted to take a picture. The whole experience was so cumbersome. I can remember one day just opting to leave my camera at her home and use my cell phone instead.

Fast forward to this year, whereas before my camera used to stay primarily at home, I now bring my camera with me when I’m on the go, to the farmers market, having lunch with friends, on my coffee date with my husband I bring my camera with me. I love having my camera with me, but it's been a chore. On a recent trip Los Angeles with my husband, we would take turns holding the camera until I could place it back in my purse and yup re-shift all the contents, most of the time it was halfway in and halfway out of my bag causing me panic. 

Again I found myself nervous, will I drop it? Forget it at the restaurant? Should I just leave it in the car? But What if someone breaks in the car? Ugh! It's impossible to fit in my purse now since I changed to a crossbody style several months ago. Not to mention cameras are expensive and so are the lenses and I don’t have $ 600 laying around to replace my camera if something should happen to it. 

Regardless if you're a blogger, or not a camera bag is a must. If you own a DSLR // Mirrorless DSLR,  you need a camera bag. When I began looking for a camera bag, I hit a brick wall there seemed to be only two types of camera bags either made for a man very masculine or a dumpy oversized camera bag that resembled more of an unstylish diaper bag.  Carrying a dumpy oversized bag that resembles a diaper isn't my thing; even when both my boys were little I was the mom holding the stylish diaper bag! 


 I wanted a camera bag purse that would look timeless, look like a sleek purse and be able to hold my camera + lens, cell phone a little makeup (lipgloss, compact & sunnies) and my coin purse. My Gatta Lola bag camera bag is everything! I love the look of the bag, and feel of the bag + the tassel addition is perfection. I also love the magnetic closure, I have no fear and now my bag is closed with my camera safely inside. I’m able to carry it on the go, look effortless and safely store my camera inside; I no longer fear that I’ll drop it, or have to rearrange my entire purse to try and get it to fit inside. The inside of the bag is padded so my camera and lenses are safely stored inside.

I'm able to carry all these goodies inside: DSLR Camera, Two Lens, Shutter Release Remote, iPhone7+, Coin Purse Wallet, Chap stick & Two Lipsticks, Powered Compact, Sunglasses, and phone power cord + wall plug. This bag freaking rocks!! 

As I said they are a lot of fugly camera bag purse out there, however, I dug deep and found 17 fantastic camera bag purses that are stylish, able to hold your camera + essentials and perfect for traveling and everyday use. Some camera bags can be a significant investment, but remember they’re keeping your expensive camera safe and you stylish so win-win. The bags featured below are between $40 - $300 and are all stylish & can fit either a mirrorless DSLR, Standard DSLR + lens along with your everyday essentials (Remember to check your camera size before ordering) Some bags are compact, crossbody style and I even found a few stylish backpack style camera bag purses. 

 I'm in love with the bags I'm sharing and hope you love them too! Don't forget to PIN THIS! 

17 Best Camera Bags.png

THE 17 CAMERA BAGS FOR WOMEN // ONE. Granada Bag TWO. Sienna Bag  THREE. Leather DSLR Camera Bag FOUR. The Palama Bag colors Cognac or Black FIVE. LRYA Camera Backpack available for pre-order, save your place in-line SIX. Russet Camera Bag SEVEN. The Clairmont colors Black, Grey or Sienna EIGHT. Compact Camera Bag NINE. Juliette Bag colors red and green TEN. Hudson Camera bag colors tan and black ELEVEN. Gatta Lola Bag colors Black, Tan and Rose TWELVE. Chole Moonstone Bag THIRTEEN. The Hampton (Sample bags up to 50% off! FOURTEEN. Liz Satchel Bag FIFTEENTH. Katheryn Mini Camera Bag SIXTEEN The Riverdale Crossbody colors mustard, rose, white and black AND SEVENTEEN. Austin Bucket Bag tan & white and black  

I’m in love with my camera bag and can’t wait to get another in either a cognac shade or in a  color, maybe for Christmas this year? I have my eye on # FOUR the Palama Bag # SEVEN the Clairmont and # NINE the Juliette bag...a girl can dream and find them all under her tree, right!

What's your favorite camera bag and why do you love it?