Small Home Style: The Sofa Daybed

Welcome to another edition of Small Home Style, where I share design solutions for small on the small side. I started the series Small Style to inspire other small home dwellers to celebrate living small and offer design solutions for their spaces. As a small home dweller myself, I know first hand the design challenges a small space can present. It's so important a space not only looks good but also works in real life. 

When looking for furniture for your living room, consider thinking outside the box and opt for a daybed your space. Daybeds are a fantastic solution for small areas, not only can they be used as sofas they can double as a bed. You can use a daybed in your living room was an alternative to a couch or an in office that doubles as a guest room. 

Below are two types of daybeds to consider for a small space: Traditional Daybed with a Twin bed, or a Modern Daybed Sofa. 

Traditional Daybed 

I love how the twin daybeds look in this loft; they provide lots of seating without taking up a lot of floor space in the living room allowing for extra furniture. Daybeds look incredible all dressed with pillows, the more pillows, the merrier. 

image via  Country Living  

image via Country Living 

image via  This Ivory House
image via  Lulu & Geogria

image via Lulu & Geogria

Modern Daybed Sofa

I love the look of modern fully upholstered daybed sofas; they can float in rooms or can be placed against walls and loaded up with pillows for extra comfort. 

image via  Domino

image via Domino

This daybed looks so pretty floating in the living room, comfortable enough to lounge on and also comfortable to sit on. Love this look.  

image via  Pinterest

image via Pinterest

image via  The Design Files

What do you think about opting for a daybed instead of traditional seating?