Small Home Style: Bar Carts are a Must for Small Spaces

Welcome to another edition of small home style, a series dedicated to sharing creative design ideas for Small Home Dwellers. While living in a smaller dwelling has its design challenges it also creates so many unique opportunities to design every space in your home with intention. This week on #SmallHomeStyle I'm sharing my love of bar carts. As many of you know, bar carts have had a major design comeback for the past few years. They're truly of on the most versatile pieces of furniture for small homes, basically they're and absolute design must. They look so good in almost any room + since they have wheels it makes them super easy to move around as needed. Breaking down all the reasons your #SmallHome needs one! 

Pump Up the Volume in Dining Rooms

Barcarts make fabulous additions to dining rooms and provide extra storage to hold liqueur, glasses, plates, pretty flowers and even lamps. 

Perfect Living Room Addition

Bar carts are a stylish addition to living rooms, they can double as a side table next to the sofa filled with books and liqueur. I love how they add a glamorous look in small living rooms.

image via  Society Social

image via Society Social

Bar Cart = Amazing Plant Stand

When you have a small living room, it can be tough to find the perfect spot to place plants, that's when a bar cart comes to the rescue. Plants look stunning on bar carts.

image via:  Buzzfeed

image via: Buzzfeed

Bar Cart as a Nightstand 

Bar carts, work perfectly in small bedrooms, just like they glad a touch of glam in living rooms they look so good in bedrooms. 

image via:  DIYReady

image via: DIYReady

I hope you love bar carts as much as I do! In need of a few ideas to style your bar cart for everyday? Then this post is for you! Small spaces inspire me and I would love to see yours, use the hashtag #SmallHomeStyle to share your fabulous small space. Also, if you need some help pulling together design ideas for your small space, feel free to shoot me an email at and let's chat. 

What's your favorite way to use of bar carts?