Setting the Mood | Six Ideas to Add Ambiance Outdoors

Right now it's the perfect time to be outside and enjoy the weather. Hands down my favorite spot to be every single evening so far this Summer is in my very own backyard. I’ve spent many nights on my patio listening to music, reading books and watching movies. So far this Summer we’ve hosted to parties in our backyard, and I have lots of plans have more friends over throughout the Summer and Fall months. It’s been a goal of my to utilize our outdoor spaces, plus I love how much larger my small home feels when the temps heat up.

I love creating an outdoor lounge and dining area that feels like an extension of my home and comfort wise and style wise I want that same feeling outdoors. Today I’m sharing ideas on how to add ambiance to your outdoor spaces that will help take a look and feel of your area to the next level. Today I’m sharing 6 Ideas to Add Ambiance in Outdoor Spaces. 

SETTING THE MOOD: 6 Ideas to add Ambiance to Outdoor Spaces

ONE Outdoor Lights // Adding Cafe lights overheard helps give your space a warm glow and sets the mood. This year we added outdoor cafe lights to our patio and they look so pretty at night! 

image via Anthropolgie 

image via Anthropolgie 

TWO Candlelight // Layer in lighting with candle lights, fill vases up with candles and add lanterns for decoration. Also, use tea lights in small glass containers and spread them throughout your outdoor area. Burn citronella candles as a natural defense against mosquitoes. I love this three-wick citronella candle and love it; its large smells incredible when burning. 

THREE Music // Music under the stars sounds better, bring a radio outside or use an outdoor speaker and connect the speakers to your Ipad or iPhone and play your favorite station. I love listening to Amazon Music as part of my Prime Subscription its free! I create a playlist or play the John Legend Station, can't go wrong! I'm in love with this Outdoor Bluetooth speaker that looks like a lantern!  

FOUR Scents// Natural scents small best outside, plant fragrant flowers or herbs in containers like rosemary or jasmine. I also love citronella plants, they smell good and keep the bugs away! 

image via  My Domaine  

image via My Domaine 

image via My  Modern Country Style

FIVE Decorate // My absolute favorite way to Decorate outdoors is with fresh flowers and potted plants. Cut flowers from your garden or buy a small bouquet and add flowers to a vase and place on your coffee table. I'm a massive fan of container gardening and love having an abundance of plants on my patio, the more, the merrier  

image via  One Kind Design

image via One Kind Design

SIX Make it Cozy // Bring baskets outside and fill up with blankets, I keep a small indoor/outdoor basket under my coffee table that has throws inside for guests to use when they get chilly. I love having some on hand outside to get extra cozy on my sofa.  

image via  Belle Maison  

image via Belle Maison 

I hope my ideas on adding ambiance in your outdoor spaces, helps inspire you to make your space feeling welcoming, cozy and the best spot to chill in the evenigs. 

Creating a Potting Zone

Over the years I’ve gotten into gardening, there’s something special get your hands dirty digging in the dirt and seeing the vines you planted the year before take off and bloom. I love learning about what plants will thrive in my climate even with 100-degree temps. I’m also a massive fan of container gardening; I like having the ability to move plants around as needed and love creating a lush feeling patio with the addition of plants. This post is in partnership with Gardeners Supply, all words and opinions are my own. 

When it comes time actually to plant, that's when things fall apart. Because, I don’t have a dedicated planting spot in my yard to keep my small yard tools, extra soil, empty plant containers and misc gardening gear I’m usually looking all over the garage for everything. One of the things that have been lacking in my backyard is a dedicated planting spot. 


I love keeping my old plant containers from nurseries to store extra dirt in, or start seedlings, however with the addition of our puppy it's been a challenge, an empty plant container stacked discreetly next our house quickly becomes Oliver's chew toy! 

One of my plans this Spring is to create a potting zone in my backyard, I love the idea of having a dedicated area in my yard to clean posts, hold soil, and a spot for my planting tools. This season we’re planting a veggie garden, which made the need for my potting area important. I have visions of myself checking on my little backyard crop daily and then washing off my goodies before bringing them inside. 

As I‘ve gotten more into gardening, I’ve been on the hunt for a potting bench that would hold all my gardening gear and give me ample area to replant. 

I recently added the CedarLast Potting Bench to my backyard. I placed the potting bench in our larger flower bed, it's the perfect spot and adds a pretty element to the yard. I also love that its near the outdoor faucet. 


This potting bench is an incredible addition to our yard and checks off all the boxes: looks fantastic, perfect for holding all my gardening goodies and best of it has a sink and faucet! Yes friends, I now have an outdoor working faucet and sink! The faucet is attached to my garden hose; the water output is INCREDIBLE! 

I love the large sink, I’m able to rinse off planters and water plants before planting them. The large sink even has a drain and plug! Once our vegetable garden is growing lots of produce (putting it out in the universe we'll have a big crop!), I'm excited to rinse off our veggies in the sink before bringing them in the house. I also love all the storage on the bench; I'm able to hang my garden tools on the hooks. The bottom shelf on the garden bench has plenty of room to hold soil, containers and garden products. 


What do you think of my new potting bench?