Our Home: Construction Begins

Hi Everyone! I planned on posting the changes we are making to our homes layout yesterday, but needed more time to play around and learn an online floor planner. I'll share the floor plan changes we've made next week. 

I plan on sharing on the construction progress on our home every Friday, along with doing an upcoming blog post about the process of re-building our home so far (insurance stuff, picking a contractor and making changes) Here's a reminder of how our home looked after being 

completely gutted

do to asbestos being discovered after the fire. In case your a new reader to my blog, we lost over 97% of our belongings and house due to a fire in July 2012 you can read more about the fire


. Lots of progress has started on our house this week, which has given me mixed emotions, I'm happy things are finally progressing but sad because a part of what we worked so hard to create is being tore down again. First it was seeing our house and belongings damaged do to the fire, then it was realizing almost all of our belongings would be a loss due to fire, smoke and asbestos damage. I mourned and those days and have tired my best to move on, but seeing the new demo hurt all over again. I know all that sounds strange, so please bear with me. 


 this whole process of dealing with the house fire, loosing almost all our belongings I try and reminded my self daily, to count my blessings. 

Here's a reminder of how our home looked before the fire. We painted our

home a shade of gre

y (diy of course)

updated the lighting


rolled out sod

and painted

our front door a cheery red

. We loved how our little house looked, after giving it some serious TLC. In short we bought the uglist house on the block and worked to transform it. 

Our house now, the garage has been completely torn down. You may noticed my neighbors house is also being re-done, the fire started at their house still unknown causes ( it was empty at the time) and then spread to our home. Our neighbors house is coming along nicely. 

If you look closely you can see all the scars on the interior walls from the fire. 

View from the inside the kitchen looking onto what was once the garage.

This is the back our the house and our bedroom window, this is one of the changes we are making to our existing floor plan. I'm super excited about this change! 

Next week, I'll share our floor plan changes both big and small! Have you done in floor plan changes on your home ? Any ideas of what we are planning back there?